Watch What Happened When The Police Unmasked the Spineless Protester.. YES YES YES


The Antifa group is always wearing black and cover their face so they don’t get recognized. They also don’t want peace and are known for beating people. However, some people of the Antifa group were unmasked on the streets in Alabama by the police. It looks like that they are fed up with this nonsense!

Via Young Cons

Antifa (which stands for anti-fascist) groups have become well-known of late for attacking pro-Trump rallies and events.

They have, however, been involved for decades in attacking groups that they deem ‘fascist’. They’re not about peace, they’re about beating people up and anarchy/communism.

They carry black flags symbolizing anarchy, dress all in black with masks or covering their faces.

The reason is to look similar and remove distinguishing features that might help identify them when they commit crimes like beating people up.

These particular antifa showed up to ‘protest’ an alt-right speaker at Auburn University.

But the Auburn, Alabama police were not having any of that nonsense. Watch the anarchists have a hissy fit when the police made them unmask.


Some places like Alabama have ‘anti-mask’ laws that prevent you from wearing a mask in public. The original reason? To deter the KKK. Karmic that it’s being used against these people who act as a mob to attack people.

While there were some scuffles at the event, the police managed to shut them down quickly, showing Berkeley how a police department is supposed to perform.

So props to the Auburn PD for the unmasking and for holding these goons in check!

The Alabama police did a great job by unmasking these thugs. We hope they will pay for the crimes they have committed!