Vladimir Putin is Not Happy with Trump’s Bombing on Syria


Russia and Syria are strongly criticizing the U.S. President Donald Trump. He attacked Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles after the chemical attack that happened there. He believes that the Syrian Government is responsible for this attack on the civilians in the northwestern part of the country in which more than 100 people were killed. Trump’s bombing on Syria overnight was a response to that attack!

Via Liberty Writers

Donald Trump did something Obama was always too afraid to do. After he saw the horrible attack in Syria, he struck back!

Trump bombed the Homs Airfield, where much of the Syrian airforce is based, with 54 Tomahawk missiles. The whole nation cheered, but Russia was FURIOUS.

That’s when Vladimir Putin struck back…


According to Putin, the airstrikes by the US broke international law. He said it also suspended a treaty between Russia and the US to not use their jets to fight each other in Syria.

Russia has now called on the UN to take action against Trump and the United States. The problem is, the UN hates Assad so there is no way that’s gonna happen.

Of course, even Russia has its limits with support for Assad. When asked earlier in the day abut the gas attack, a spokesperson of Putin said, “Unconditional support (of Assad) is not possible in this current world.”

So who the Hell knows what will happen next? Are we going to war? Is this World War 3? Did Putin secretly know about the airstrike beforehand and is just playing along?

We gotta find out the answers to these questions. The best way to do that is spread this all around and see if ANYONE is willing to tell us the facts!

What is the next move for Syria or Russia? What are they going to do next? What will be Trump’s response? It looks like the war in Syria will become World War 3 if the US continues to attack the country.