Stephen Colbert Gets Nasty Surprise From Audience – Trump Cheering


Stephen Colbert is known for his bad jokes about President Trump. He always makes fun of him and presents Trump like bad human being.

Last week as we can all remember, he basically placed himself on hot seat after making that homophobic joke about Russian President Putin and Donald.

But things are about to change. Last night Colbert got big reality check and he might consider his decision on bashing him in the future. I think that Donald Trump is the one which will get the last laugh when it comes to this duo.

via Truth Monitor

“Huge story that just broke minutes ago, like ten minutes ago, FBI Director James Comey is fired by Trump,” Colbert said, expecting his audience to boo. Instead, they ended up cheering Trump’s firing of Comey, much to Colbert’s dismay.

“Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight,” Colbert said as he waved his finger at the audience in an attempt to shame them.

This just goes to show what liberal sheep really are while also showing the hypocrisy of the left. Liberals have been conditioned to hate Comey for the past few months as Democrats repeatedly blamed him for costing Hillary Clinton the election. However, immediately after Trump fired Comey, the left flipped and rushed to the former FBI director’s defense.

After all, once again it is proved that Democrats and Colbert himself doesn’t take much to make them look stupid.