Sean Hannity’s Future Has Been Decided

Sean Hannity's future

Well, Hannity made the big announcement. Sean Hannity’s future has been up in the air with the huge shakeup that has been going on within Fox News.

There has been much speculation about Sean Hannity’s future at Fox News following the departures of fellow high-profile personalities Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. And then there’s the ouster this week of Bill Shine, co-president of the network and presumed Hannity ally. Hannity tweeted that he would quite if Shines was fired last week as rumors swirled of Shines’ imminent exit.

Hannity called a staff meeting yesterday, which prompted much speculation because the conservative media superstar apparently rarely does so. Would he stay or would he go?

Well, turns out he’s staying. According to Politico, “the anchor told his staff that he’s not negotiating an exit despite reports, according to a person present at the meeting. He thanked his staff for what they do and told them he’s “always available” to answer questions.”

Hannity reportedly had a “key man” clause added to his contract after the departure of former Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes. This clause allows him to leave the network with only 60 days notice.

So, for now, he stays.

According to a person present at the Hannity staff meeting he also issued his colleagues a warning, don’t believe the media.

Fox News has been undergoing turmoil during the liberal hit job on the company shortly after Trump praised Fox News for their ratings and coverage.

The giant is also in the midst of boss Rupert Murdoch giving more power to his sons. They seem to be more interested in maintaining very centrist personalities because of their attempted acquisition of Sky TV from Britain.

Fortunately, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are still there. That’s a good move by Fox News and the staff.

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