Melania Trump Makes TRAGIC Announcement – Supporters Are TERRIFIED


Since the inauguration when Melania Trump’s smile turned into a cold stare when her husband looked at her, people are thinking they have some marriage problems. Now that Melania Trump liked a tweet that mocked her marriage just added fuel to the fire. People now think that they really have some marriage issues.

Via Truth Monitor

First Lady Melania Trump’s Twitter account is thought to have been hacked on Tuesday night after it liked a tweet that seemingly mocks her relationship with the president.

Daily Mail reported that progressive writer and producer Andy Ostroy took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to write, “Seems the only #Wall @realdonaldtrump’s built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #Trump.” He included a popular gif showing the First Lady during the inauguration smiling for a brief moment while Donald Trump looks her way before her smile immediately fades into a frown as he turns around.

Less than an hour after it was tweeted, it was liked by Melania’s official Twitter account.


Melania had only liked one previous tweet, and it was her own when she wrote “Hello Twitter!” back in 2012. The @MELANIATRUMP account is separate from the official @FLOTUS account that Melania and her staff use. By 10:50pm, the like from the @MELANIATRUMP account on Ostroy’s tweet disappeared.

Liberals have harped on this to suggest that there are problems in the Trump marriage, even though it’s clear that Melania’s account was hacked and that she did not like this herself. Once again, the mainstream media is showing that it will use every excuse it can to attack Melania Trump and her marriage…

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