The Lefties Are Over After Ann Coulter’s Bash On Live Television


Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while examining her crossed out discourse at the University of California-Berkeley, moderate creator Ann Coulter stated, “individuals should take a gander at,” citizens supporting the colleges that have been assumed control by liberal “hooligans.”

Coulter says:

“Universities ought to be places where I’m not the only conservative most students will hear in four years of college. What this shows, this whole incident show, it shows again this radical insulated left on the college campus, and the entire left wing, including President Obama and Bill Maher on the other side and what useless institutions our universities are. The prices have gone up 3,000% since the ’70s. Is the education better? No. It’s worse. The lefties are on the side of the thugs. They have taken over the universities. I don’t think anyone learns anything about college anymore. It’s a four-year vacation. I think that is what people ought to be looking at that. The taxpayers are supporting the universities. Not just the University of California but with federal grants every university in America.”