Kathy Griffin Did Not Want This To Be Noticed…Her Secret Has Been Leaked


Comedian Kathy Griffin released a video in which she holds President Donald Trump’s bloody severed head. She made this so-called project with photographer Tyler Shields. Lately, comedians were making jokes about Trump, but Griffin has crossed the line with this disgusting video. Apparently, she didn’t think about the consequences. Clearly, she didn’t think how would this affect Trump’s son, Barron, who watched the video and he’s only eleven years old!

However, Griffin hasn’t always hated Trump. There’s a picture of Griffin and Trump circling the Internet which was taken back in 2010. Also, she seems very happy standing next to him. So, what changed?

Via Conservative Tribune

Hollywood D-list “celebrity” Kathy Griffin is trying desperately to recover after her publicity stunt against Donald Trump went horribly wrong.

Now, a photo from Griffin’s past proves that while she’s trying to “save face,” the term “two faced” is definitely more fitting.

The image showing Griffin enthusiastically posing with Trump is quickly making the rounds online. According to the Daily Mail, the snapshot was taken in 2010, when Griffin and “Apprentice” competitor Brandy Kuentzel posed with the future president at a golf outing.

“It’s amazing how many people, all of them celebrities, had no problems whatsoever with Trump while he was just a billionaire buying them dinners and cocktails and inviting them to his parties,” stated conservative pundit Derrick Wilburn.

“But now since he’s won an election all of a sudden he’s Satan incarnate,” he continued. “But Kathy you should know by now, the internet is forever.”

It’s a very valid point. If Trump is such a terrible person, why were left-leaning figures lining up to pose and shake his hand when they thought he was one of them?

The list celebrities and politicians who had no problem with “The Donald” before he came out as a conservative is long. As the National Review reported, famous liberal Al Sharpton acted like Trump’s best friend during the 1980s and 1990s.

Even Barack Obama seemed to admire Trump before the 2016 election. While attending Harvard, a young Obama spoke in glowing terms about the business tycoon who would go on to win the White House.

Videos and comments made by Trump before he ran for president show that his political views have not changed dramatically over the past couple decades. What has changed, however, is his job title.

Liberals seem willing to attack anyone and everyone who has an “R” next to their name. The same celebrities who adored Trump in past years simply cannot stand the fact that a Republican took the White House — and they will stop at nothing to smear and attack a conservative president.

Derrick Wilburn is right. Earlier, people had no problem with Trump. They all loved him! However, this changed since he started his presidency campaign. Trump has been in the public for many years and he’s always been the same. There’s only one thing different about him and that is his job. People who used to like him before can’t accept the fact that a Republican is leading this country!

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