Ingraham Calls Out Ryan For His Hypocrisy

Ingraham calls out Ryan

Author and talk show host Laura Ingraham joined Sean Hannity. She wanted to discuss the terrible performance of the Republican Congress. Ingraham calls out Ryan on his hypocrisy.

The two of them talked about how lame Paul Ryan is and about how lame Republicans are for opposing Trump’s border wall. Laura Ingraham then asked one huge question: Why is Paul Ryan still the Republican speaker?

Sean Hannity: It seems to me this is now do or die for the Republican Party. It’s May. So we got May, June, July, September, October and then we’re over… And here it is, if the Republicans fear another government shutdown, and if they can’t get healthcare done and they can’t get the president’s economic plan over the finish line, it’s over. I don’t think they got a chance.

Laura Ingraham: I’m not going to support them. Are you?

Sean Hannity: No.

Laura Ingraham: They’re resisting Trump. Some of these Republicans, Sean, and you know who they are – are resisting Trump, as fiercely, in their own way, as Democrats are. They laugh at his priorities behind closed door…

Sean Hannity: If Paul Ryan cannot get healthcare done this week, I don’t even want to say next week.

Laura Ingraham: Why is he there. Why’s he there. If he cannot quarterback the agenda that won in November. Trump won in November on his agenda. It wasn’t just because Hillary was a bad candidate. People wanted a change. They didn’t want Paul Ryan’s. They didn’t vote for a ‘better way.’ They voted for Donald Trump populist agenda… It’s nothing personal. It’s just can you put points on the board or not? If you can’t put points on the board, you can’t be the quarterback. That’s it.

Ingraham calls out Ryan on his inability to serve his constituency. He is just another Democrat in a Republican suit.

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