Hillary Clinton Fundraising Once Again, To Stop Trump

Hillary Clinton fundraising

Hillary Clinton fundraising is back! She is now trying to get back into the spotlight basically to battle the man that beat her in November.

Hillary Clinton is starting a new political action committee and will resume giving paid speeches.

According to Axios’ Mike Allen, Clinton’s PAC will work as a “quiet catalyst” to help grassroots political organizations. She also plans to direct funds to congressional candidates in 2018. Allen’s sources say that the PAC is not a vehicle for a 2020 presidential bid.

The former secretary of state also plans to hit the paid speechmaking circuit. As Allen notes, Clinton’s speakers bureau, Harry Walker Agency, has a web page soliciting clients.

Prior to running for president, Clinton had a $225,000 asking price per speech. She raked in nearly $22 million between 2013 and 2015.

Some of those gigs came back to haunt the former first lady during the campaign. She was heavily criticized for giving speeches to Wall Street firms and companies seeking business with the U.S. government.

As has already been widely reported, Clinton is also writing a book. The tentative release date is Sept. 26.

Hillary Clinton fundraising is moronic.

She should just slink away and quit politics. She’s unelectable, as president and building a grassroots movement isn’t going to help. She’s too corrupt and she’s lied too much.

She rigged an election against her own constituents in the primaries.

Hillary only wants one thing, to be president to sell out our nation like Obama did and just like she tried doing as Secretary of State.

There is no way she has an honest bone in her body anymore.

Hillary should be paying the speaking fees. Paying people to listen to hear would be more effective than being paid to spout the garbage she’s been spouting for the last 30 years.

Hillary, go away.

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