Donald Trump DROPS A NUCLEAR Announcement About Al Sharpton – IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING


Donald Trump has never trusted the minister Al Sharpton. According to him, Al Sharpton says things that he actually doesn’t believe in them. Also, Trump thinks that Sharpton is not an innocent minister and has blood on his hands. Although Sharpton didn’t pay for his crimes e.g. not paying taxes, he also got away with murder.

Via Truth Monitor

Reverend Al Sharpton is known for being one of the most shameless race-baiters of all time. During Barack Obama’s sham of a presidency, many people actually bought into Sharpton’s ridiculous nonsense.

Donald Trump, however, wasn’t having any of it.

Hilarious footage just surfaced of Trump bashing Sharpton during an appearance on Fox & Friends in 2014. Watch as the future president calls Sharpton a professional “con man” who gets away with “murder.”

When the hosts asked Trump to explain this, he said Sharpton is just acting for the cameras.

“I live in New York and I know Al Sharpton very well,” Trump said. “I’ve dealt with him many times over the years and he is a guy who I don’t believe really believes what he’s saying…he pretends he cares deeply.”

He went on to condemn Sharpton’s actions shortly after two NYPD police officers were executed in their patrol car. Immediately after the tragedy, Sharpton held a press conference where he complained about receiving death threats himself. Trump said that with this move, Sharpton was looking to cause “backlash” that would inevitably lead to “a very violent thing and a… dangerous thing for a lot of people.”

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The American citizens should know the truth about Sharpton and thank God Trump is our president now and he can open their eyes!