Conservatives Are LIVID With Trump

The commissioner of the IRS, John Koskinen’s continued employment under Trump has confused some conservatives. Why in the world would he still be there? Isn’t he a scandal-plagued commissioner?

It turns out, Oscine was not employed with the IRSA when the agency was targeting conservatives and the groups they are a part of. This scandal was just divulged to be much larger than originally thought. He was, however, less than cooperative with Congress during their investigation of the targeting scandal. During the congressional probe, the Republicans charged Koskinen with offering a misleading testimony and even allowing key evidence to be destroyed.

At least fifteen members of the House Ways and Means Committee are ordering Trump to removed Koskinen. Immediacy is expected. With the impending tax reform goals, they will become more belligerent. They even sent a letter to the White House with their request rather quickly after his annual address at the National Press Club. Lawmakers have also criticized Koskinen for overseeing poor customer service for the year 2015 thanks to the IRS cutting it’s taxpayer service budget.

“He has been dishonest with Congress, and the IRS, under his watch, has continuously violate taxpayer rights,” Brady writes. “He has to go. We have a once in a generation opportunity for pro-growth tax reform, and we need a willing partner at the IRS to implement it. That partner is not John Kosknien.”

Even though there have been calls for his removal, Koskinen expects to stay on until his term expires in November.

The tax reform is a main focus of the second and third quarters of Trump’s Washington. There is always a possibility that Koskinen will be let go because Trump is very cavalier with changing staff and won’t hesitate to do what he thins is right. He is Making America Great Again one step at a time.

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