BREAKING: Trump Halts U.S. Funding of United Nations ‘Abortion’ Fund


President Donald Trump’s White House is ending U.S. funding of the United Nations Population Fund, an agency that human rights activists have linked to assisting population control programs just like China’s abortion “one-child policy.”

The elimination of the funding to the UNFPA comes right when Trump is supposed to host Chines President Xi Jinping at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

This isn’t the first “abortion related” issue he has tackled. In January, he signed an executive order that reinstated the “Mexico City Policy,” it curtails US aid for abortions overseas. The president directed the Secretary of State, Tex Tillerson, to implement a plan to expand the policy to apply to all global health assistance funding.

The order eliminates the US taxpayer dollars that were being directed to organizations that participate in the dissemination of coercive abortion programs, just like the one in China.

According to the Associate Press, the end of US funding of UNFPA, $32.5 million will be given to the US Agency for International Development; it maintains the goal of eliminating maternal; deaths and female genital mutilation.

Rep. Christ Smith (R-NJ), observed during a hearing regarding China’s coercive abortion policy. “The UNFPA whitewashed China’s crimes for decades and continues to do so today,” the congressman added “UNFPA justifies its history in China, saying it was ‘tasked by the Executive Committee’ to help China and had to ‘engage with China as a sovereign nation.’”

More than a year ago, the Chinese announced that they were switching to a “two-child policy,” Smith makes it known that it is the nations attempt to ‘control family life’.

But remember, Trump is waging a war on women supposedly. Unless you count all that he’s doing to strengthen the American family and to take care of women.

Guess the left is busy being proven wrong again.

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