After Bashing Trump, Colbert is DEMOLISHED Completely Like Never Before by Joe Namath


“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert has been mocking President Donald Trump for months. On Monday, he made a dirty joke about the US President and the Russian President Vladimir Putin on his show. However, people including Joe Namath were not thrilled about the joke. Namath said he didn’t like it at all.

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Joe Namath criticized CBS’ Stephen Colbert for a lewd joke about President Trump during a monologue last night.

Colbert fired back at Trump after the president walked out of an interview with Colbert’s colleague John Dickerson when Dickerson asked him about his claim that Trump Tower was “wiretapped.”

Colbert called Trump a “sign language gorilla” and said his mouth is “only good for being Vladimir Putin’s [expletive]-holster.”

“That’s not cool, I didn’t like it at all,” Namath, a Hall of Fame former New York Jets quarterback, said on “The Fox News Specialists.”

He called Colbert’s monologue a “real reach to [try to] be funny.”

“I’m not surprised with what we hear today,” ‘Broadway Joe’ added. “It’s far beyond where I ever imagined we could get.”

Colbert was visibly incensed by Trump’s walk-out and the fact he told Dickerson to his face that “Face The Nation” should be called “Deface the Nation.”

Colbert said that when someone insults a “member of the CBS family” he will stand up to defend them.

Katherine Timpf said she was not offended by the joke, which some have called homophobic, but said she was offended by Colbert being paid so much to tell such a cheap joke.

Karl Rove called Colbert “obscene” and added that Colbert’s delivery proved CBS writers prepared the joke for him and therefore cleared the reference to male genitalia.

Watch the full discussion above and Colbert’s full monologue below.

Stephen Colbert should know his limits. It looks like he is trying too hard to be funny, but he failed. Twitter users were also not happy about the gay joke.