Anderson Cooper’s Smile Was Wiped Off His Face


Comedian Kathy Griffin and CNN host Anderson Cooper were supposed to do a show together. However, that’s not going to happen soon since she released a video of her holding Trump’s bloody head. After she released the video, she was condemned by the public for the disgusting video. Also, her co-worker Cooper took a stand against her. He wrote on Twitter that Griffin’s photoshoot was very inappropriate and he doesn’t approve it. However, he wishes her all the best.

Via Patriot Beacon

It was just revealed that Anderson Cooper lost what could have been a very lucrative television deal last week when Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN for her photo that showed her beheading President Donald Trump.

Inquisitr reported that Cooper had shot a pilot with Griffin just before the scandal broke for a show of their own that would have aired on CNN regularly. The network was hoping to build off the success of the pair’s annual New Year’s Eve show, and momentum behind their pilot was already building.

“The ironic thing is CNN wanted [Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper] to do a show together. They shot a pilot, and I heard there was real momentum behind the project,” an insider explained. “Kathy begged Anderson to go to Jeff [Zucker, CNN Worldwide president] and save her.”

Cooper’s hopes were dashed when Griffin’s career went down in flames, and he had no choice but to throw her under the bus to save himself.

“For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate,” Cooper wrote on Twitter at the height of the scandal.

As the golden boy of CNN, it’s not often that Cooper does not get his way at the network. As of now, however, he won’t be getting another show there anytime soon.

Kathy Griffin’s actions impacted Anderson Cooper’s future. Instead of getting their show together, Griffin’s career has just ended which means bad news for Cooper.

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